Why without a driver?


the Driverless car project was born in 2019 when a close group of young people passionate about the subject of the Electronics department, in agreement with team leaders and the faculty supervisor, decided to start studying it since a few years later within the competition FSG was expected to overturn the regulation in favor of self-driving and electric cars; a year later, a Plug & Play Project for a Driverless SAE car had taken shape; In 2021 the project sees new light, with a review of the 2019 project and the acquisition of the necessary components, we hope that by the year 2022 we can test the first Driverless of our team.

Managment of the Project

The project is structured on a par with the other departments with contacts and a good freedom of movement, and by nature in the study of this project we cooperate with all the other departments, since when it comes to self-driving cars many think that it is only IT , but rather it is an ecosystem of different areas of expertise. As internal management, given the selectivity of the department, it is managed by the new BEP department even if it maintains its autonomy from this.


Marco de Giovanni

Stefano Natili

Alessio Iuvara


how does it work?


it is not yet possible to disclose the details of the project, we hope to give you news as soon as possible